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a teenager and an adult hold a conversation in their classroom

Student-Centered IEPs: A Pathway to Stronger Transition Outcomes

Supporting students to be self-determined in their IEP meetings helps develop leadership and self-advocacy skills that are paramount in later transition outcomes.

a student chooses between 2D images on a tablet, supported by a teacher

Discussion of the findings from the 2D image study for students with CVI

Object identification, gaze behavior, and image saliency analysis

closeup of sunflower petals

CVI Ally: An Academic Access Companion for Students with Brain-based Visual Impairments and Their Teams

Explore how CVI can affect the different domains of a school day

Father and son, both in dark glasses, smile at each other face-to-face

Social Skills and Implications for Individuals with CVI

Individuals with CVI may have difficulties with attention to faces, facial recognition, understanding facial expressions, and body language.

school-aged child in a stroller sits face-to-face with an adults, their hands clasped together.
Intermediate January 29, 2024 – March 24, 2024

CVI Ally: Creating Academic Access for and with Students with CVI

Explore a deeper understanding of the ways CVI can impact the various school domains/subject areas, and ways in which teams can support students in having an accessible academic experience

portrait photo of LJ Seiff

My Experience as a Student Living with CVI

Learn about LJ’s personal educational journey with CVI and how he accesses his learning in a general education setting.