Update on the Neonatal Assessment Vision European Grid (NAVEG): Numbers, Training, and the Future

The Neonatal Assessment Vision European Grid (NAVEG) statistics are showing it to be a credible screening instrument in several hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

This presentation will share the validation statistics collected up to this time, and future plans to develop partnerships to expand research and exploration of the NAVEG as a possible newborn vision screening. In addition, an explanation of a standardized NAVEG training for Early Intervention providers to use with infants under one year of age through assessing functional skills in a consistent manner will be discussed.

Cathy Smyth is the Director of Research at Anchor Center for Blind Children in Denver, Colorado. She has provided support for families in early intervention in the area of visual impairment for over thirty years. In the past four years, Dr. Smyth has partnered with highly qualified service providers and hospital staff to develop a training of a standardized version of the Neonatal Assessment Vision European Grid (NAVEG) which shows promise as a credible newborn vision screening tool.

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Approximately one hour