The Work of Dr. Jan van Dijk

This training module demonstrates child-guided assessment techniques and explain the role of the emotional brain.

There are two webcasts included in this training module that demonstrate child-guided assessment techniques and explain the role of the emotional brain. Dr. Jan van Dijk speaks in-depth about the Role of the Emotional Brain and Child-Guided Assessment techniques and reflects on more than 50 years of experience working with students with deafblindness. P

This is a web-based, self-guided professional development activity for TVIs, VRTs, O&Ms, Parents, Teachers of the Deafblind or Severely Impaired, and Rehabilitation Specialists.

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You may also watch the video playlist at no charge.

Learning Goals and Objectives
Participants will:

  • Learn the function of the limbic system and mirror neurons.
  • Identify how stress triggers challenging behaviors.
  • Observe Child-Guided Assessment techniques.
  • Understand how the individual child demonstrates their preferred learning channel.

Meet the Presenters

Headshot of Dr. Jan van Dijk
Dr. Jan van Dijk
Former Radboud University Professor, considered by many as "the father of deafblind education."
Considered by many to be the "father of deafblind education,” Dr. Jan van Dijk first traveled to Perkins from his native Netherlands in 1963 to participate in what's now known as the Educational Leadership Program. For the following five decades, he shaped the way professionals in the field of special education assess and teach students with multiple disabilities and deafblindness. Dr. van Dijk passed away in January 2018, but his legacy and contributions to the field live on at Perkins and around the world.
Multiple days