Teaching Strategies and Resources for Sensorimotor Stage Learners


#15 in the CVI for the TVI series

Tina L. Gutierrez, TVI, MEd

Tina Gutierrez is a Certified TVI employed as an Education Consultant II for the State of CT. ADS – Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind. She has been a member of the Children’s Services Special Services Unit for the past 14 years supporting students aged 3-21 who have significant, multiple disabilities in addition to a vision impairment including students with CVI and/or deafblindness. For the past 7 years; Tina has also been the chairperson of the BESB MIVI Training Committee which collaborates with The New England Consortium Deafblind Project (NEC) to bring relevant training opportunities to the Education Teams and Families of students in CT who are MIVI.

During this tutorial, participants can expect to learn more about…..

1.     Implications of vision loss for students with additional disabilities

2.     Briefly define learning as it relates to students who are sensorimotor stage learners

3.     Create active learning opportunities for students who are sensorimotor stage learners with CVI.

April 17, 2020 - April 17, 2020
Approximately one hour
1.5 Continuing Education
1.5 Professional Development
1.5 CTLE