Staff Training for Physical Education for Children With Visual Impairments

The video covers topics in physical education -types of visual impairments, human guide techniques, and guide-running techniques

The purpose of this Staff Training Video for Physical Education is to educate paraeducators, physical education, adapted physical education, vision teachers, orientation and mobility specialists, and any other staff who teach children in physical education about how to instruct meaningfully during physical education. The video covers topics in physical education on types of visual impairments, human guide techniques, guide-running techniques, pre-teaching, specific instructional strategies, infusion of Expanded Core Curriculum concepts, safety, and variables related to choice making and self-determination.

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Participants will earn 1.5 Professional Development Points, ACVREP, CTLE, or Continuing Education credits by completing an online quiz.

By registering for Professional Development Points, ACVREP, CTLE, or Continuing Education credits, you will be provided with a self-paced tutorial using video clips and other resources related to this topic, as well as an online test to assess your knowledge.

This is a web-based, self-guided professional development activity for TVIs, VRTs, O&Ms, Parents, Teachers of the Deafblind or Severely Impaired, and Rehabilitation Specialists.

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Learning Goals and Objectives
Participants will learn:

  • About the various types of visual impairments (vision loss) and types of sight students may have.
  • How to guide an individual who is blind and learn various ways to promote running.
  • How to set up pre-teaching for physical education and the importance of teaching the game dimensions, positions, terminology, and skills related to new sports and activities.
  • The teaching techniques of whole-part-whole teaching technique, physical guidance, tactile modeling, task analysis, and choice making.
  • How to ensure safety during physical education.
  • How to infuse various components of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

  • Upon successful completion of the test, you will earn 1.5 ACVREP, CTLE credits, Continuing Education, or OSPI credits (your choice). You will be able to print a signed Perkins certificate demonstrating that you earned the credits.
  • Instructions on how to enroll in the tutorial and take the online test will be emailed to you after you have successfully registered. Perkins eLearning profiles are unique to the learning platform, and separate from any other username/password you have with Perkins. If you already have a user profile for the learning platform, you will use that existing profile to access the tutorial.

Multiple days
1.5 Continuing Education
1.5 Professional Development
1.5 CTLE