One State’s Approach to Building Competence around CVI

#26 in the CVI for the TVI Series

This model will spur your thinking toward how you can build a similar network of support in your area of the country. The Alex Program for CVI, a program of Easterseals of Central Illinois, was born from one family’s struggle for diagnosis, support, and education. Due to the tireless efforts of the Camacho family, this regional program was designed for the purpose of building competence in professionals and supporting families. Through the Alex Program for CVI, Easterseals will support professionals to become local experts so that they can provide the families in their area with high quality service.

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Dr. Mindy Ely is co-founder of the Neurological Visual Impairment Division (NVID) of AER along with Susan Sullivan and Melody Furze and co-author of the position paper “Roles and Responsibilities of Vision Educators when Learners have CVI.”  In 2020, Dr. Ely partnered with Easterseals of Central Illinois as they launched The Alex Program for Children with CVI.

Susan Sullivan is the Cerebral Visual Impairment Clinic Lead for the Alex Program at Easterseals Central Illinois. She is a founding member of the Neurological Visual Impairment Division of the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation for Persons with Visual Impairments and served as Division Chair from 2018-2020.

Learning Goals and Objectives
Participants will:

  • Identify strengths and gaps of organizational competency
  • Define competency and high quality for program and service planning
  • Describe the elements of the Alex program as an example of high quality service

Video Transcript

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Approximately one hour