MDVI: Student-Centered Strategies and Environmental Adaptations

NEW Course coming Spring 2024 Create comprehensive IEP goals for students with severe multiple disabilities including visual impairments that include several objectives

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This online professional development opportunity is tailored  for special educators eager to revolutionize their teaching methods for students navigating the sensorimotor stage with visual impairments and multiple disabilities (MDVI). This interactive course takes inspiration from the visionary work of Jan Van Dijk and developmental theorist/pioneer Lev Vygotsky, melding their insights into a framework for child-centered teaching.

Building on her long-standing Perkins eLearning course Teaching Strategies for Students Who are Blind/VI with Multiple Disabilities in the Sensorimotor Stage of Development, Instructor Nathalie de Wit leads you in enhancing your observational skills and creating a responsive environment supporting the education of students with multiple disabilities including sensory impairments. Learn to utilize the Zone of Proximal Development to create meaningful lesson plans and IEP goals for your students.

All roles are welcome! No prior eLearning coursework is required.

Session 1 Cognitive Development

Session 2 Observation Skills

Session 3 Child-Centered Strategy

Session 4 Creating a Responsive Environment

Session 5 Integration

Course objectives

Participants will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Vygotsky’s theory of early cognitive development
  • Differentiate the levels of The van Dijk Approach to Assessment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate implementation of each type and level of strategy
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the four tactile strategies to be used with students who are visually impaired with severe multiple disabilities
  • Analyze a student’s environment and create functional adaptations that enhance learning
  • Break down the theory of cognitive development
  • Create comprehensive IEP goals for students with severe multiple disabilities including visual impairments that include several objectives
  • Create a comprehensive student specific lesson plan for different strategies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different types of stress students in the sensorimotor stage exhibit
  • Assess a student using different strategies including observation and The van Dijk Approach of Assessment.

Required text

Barrs, M. (2021). Vygotsky the teacher: A companion to his psychology for teachers and other practitioners. Routledge. (Chapter 3 only) Electronic or paperback format.

Chen, D., & Downing, J. E. (2006). Tactile strategies for children who have visual impairments and multiple disabilities: Promoting communication and learning skills. American Printing House . (Federal Quota Eligible) Print format.

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