How to Help Your Child with CVI: A Self-Paced Tutorial for Parents and Professionals


Build an educational action plan personalized for your child with CVI

This self-paced tutorial has been developed for parents and professionals who are just beginning to learn about CVI.  In this tutorial you will view interviews with parents, engage in web searches to expand your resources, and view presentations related to each module’s topic.  Along the way, you will build an individualized action plan for your child to address
  • Diagnosis
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Teamwork / collaboration
  • IEP Development
  • Advocacy

This workshop is available in an audit version (no credits awarded) for no charge, to help families and education teams organize their goals.

To earn 35 Professional Development, Continuing Education, ACVREP, or CTLE credits, choose the credit version for $275.00 . You will view interviews with parents and submit assignments to complete the tutorial requirements. There is no time limit to completing a Perkins Self-paced Tutorial.

Learning Objectives:  As a result of the learning experiences in the course, participants will learn:

  • The characteristic behaviors of CVI
  • The importance of  early diagnosis and intervention
  • Some of the causes of CVI
  • Interventions to support each student’s individual needs
  • Educational assessment tools which can be used with students with CVI
  • How to advocate for a student’s needs, at all levels of policy
  • How to respect and acknowledge the unique experience of each child and family living with CVI
  • The qualifications a professional must have to provide appropriate services to a child with CVI
Multiple weeks
35 Continuing Education
35 Professional Development
$275 - 35 credits
$0 - no credits