Empowered Curiosity: Implementation of the CVI Companion Guide

Follow Joey’s CVI story from diagnosis to transition into preschool

In this one-hour session, explore how the CVI Companion Guide was implemented through the story of Joey, a child with CVI, who received early intervention services at the New Mexico School for the Blind.

Following Joey’s story from diagnosis to transition into preschool, the presenters will highlight how they have implemented the CVI Companion Guide to:

* embrace an approach that is focused on empowering families and educators to understand the many different ways CVI can manifest in young children
* encourage team members to be curious and adopt a process-oriented approach to assessment and intervention
* support an ongoing evolution of teacher understanding of CVI at the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Approximately one hour
1.5 Continuing Education
1.5 Professional Development
1.5 CTLE