CVI in Adulthood

A panel of adults with CVI share their experiences, with implications for transition planning

zoom panel of participants

View this recorded panel discussion with adults living with CVI, some since early early childhood, others having acquired CVI later in life.


Giving voice to the differences across their life experiences can provide perspective on what it’s like to live with CVI into adulthood. As you listen to their stories, we hope this first-hand experiential information about CVI can deepen everyone’s understanding of the condition and its many effects.

The panel evolved from a discussion group of adults who have CVI, sponsored by the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco under the auspices of their SeeLab Group, directed by Dr. Arvind Chandna.

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Presenter Bio

Dr. Amanda Lueck is Professor Emerita of Special Education at San Francisco State University and Dr. Nicola McDowell, lecturer and researcher in Blind and Low Vision education at Massey University in New Zealand and also an adult with CVI. Panelists include Nai and Christina Roma from the United States and Dijana and Rafael from Australia.

Approximately one hour
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1.5 Professional Development
1.5 CTLE
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