A CVI tutorial with two certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists discussing  implications  of CVI for safe independent travel.

CVI Now hosted a live virtual event on CVI and Orientation and Mobility (O&M), held on December 3, 2020. Susan Abu-Jaber, TVI and O&M Specialist, and Becky Hommer, TVI and O&M Specialist at Connections Beyond Sight and Sound in Maryland, presented and answered parent questions about assessment, concept development to support O&M skills, body awareness, directional concepts, dealing with complex environments, anxiety in new places, O&M for wheelchair users, and white cane use.

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To earn professional development credits for this experience, register for the online tutorial, and complete an assessment based on the presented material.

Suzie Abu-Jaber is a TVI and O&M Specialist. She worked at Perkins for more than 30 years. Suzie has worked with students (birth-22) with CVI, ocular conditions, deaf-blindness, and other challenges. Suzie is a thoughtful and creative thinker when it comes to serving her students with CVI.  She was a CVI mentor on the Perkins campus and supported assessment and evaluation.
Becky Hommer is a TVI and O&M Specialist. She works for Connections Beyond Sight and Sound in Maryland, which is the regional deafblind collaborative. She presents a lot about CVI, complex needs, and O&M. Becky has a lot of ideas and is thoughtful about how to assess and meet the needs of her students with CVI. She has experience working with kids with a range of needs and complexities.
Approximately one hour
1.5 Continuing Education
1.5 Professional Development
1.5 CTLE
.15 ASHA