ABC’s of iOS: VoiceOver for Kids 3-8

Learn to provide effective support in introducing the iPad with Voiceover to young students so they are prepared with tech skills equivalent to their peers when they enter school.

This course is designed to help TVIs provide effective support introducing the iPad with Voiceover for kids ages 3-8 years old. The approach will involve working with a specific student in preschool or early grades who will benefit from using a screen reader. You’ll learn to analyze your student’s level for intentional touching and basic tech skills by teaching iOS gestures through learning games.

Course Sessions

This course consists of six 2-week modules for a total of 12 weeks. ACVREP has approved this course for Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialists for People with Visual Impairments (CATIS).

Session 1: Getting started with Explore and Touch

Session 2: Cause and effect

Session 3: Navigating, Listening, ‘Reading’ and Rotor

Session 4: Introduction to Refreshable Braille Displays and Bluetooth Keyboards

Session 5: Writing and Basic Editing Text

Session 6: Classroom Educational Apps

Course Expectations

  • Each participant must be working with a young student who will benefit from using a screen reader.
  • Each student should have a signed media permission form.
  • Each participant must have access to a Bluetooth keyboard and braille display (the braille display may be shared with the student).
  • Each student must have daily access to an iPad; access to a Bluetooth keyboard and a refreshable braille display, if appropriate.
  • Participant must download the free apps and paid apps that are appropriate for his/her student.
  • The appropriate apps must be installed on the student’s iPad. (Note: Free apps that have ads or limited access should be purchased, if appropriate for the student. Not all apps discussed in the workshop will be appropriate for every student. We will discuss what is appropriate for each student in class.)
  • Participants are expected to work with their student on iPad skills at least once a week, (ideally more) with follow-through by other educators or family members.
  • Ability to record (2-3 minute video clips) of student. Note: These videos will be used for the instructor to provide feedback – so include recordings of things that the student does successfully and that are challenging! Record teaching methods!

*Please note: If you do not currently have direct access to your students, or to students working with braille display and iPads, you may still gain valuable information from this course. Please review the sample syllabus to see the full scope of the course.

Required Text

Each participant may visit the CNIB website to download a FREE digital copy of the ABC’s of iOS: VoiceOver for Toddlers and Beyond Manual.


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