The learning triad

A coordinated approach to college readiness

Our Learning Triad approach ensures that students have a built-in support system so that everyone is on board in collaboratively and proactively developing a plan to address key college readiness skills including O&M, technology, executive functioning, independent living, academics and more.

Compass is a virtual, two-semester enrichment program. In September, the program kicks off with each member of the Learning Triad completing the Perkins College Readiness Checklist — a resource that helps to identify gaps in knowledge and skills that are considered essential to college readiness, and supports students in setting achievable goals.

The results provide a solid framework for future planning.

Icons of a student with a white cane, a school building and a family home

Why Compass works

100% of graduates report having a greater understanding of the many ways they can gain skills to meet post-secondary goals

Weekly meetings

Coaches meet weekly with each part of the Triad for up to an hour — up to 30 hours each! We know you’re busy, but we are flexible and make this work on your time.

In these sessions, coaches support families and educators as they learn to foster the student’s growing independence.

Action planning

Working closely with the student, the Compass Coach will explore interests and values to develop an Action Plan. This individualized plan encompasses unique goals and will be the result of collaboration with the student’s family and educators — but with the student leading the way to future enrichment opportunities based on greater awareness of their skills and goals.

Weekend workshops

Compass Coaches lead monthly workshops for all participants — an opportunity for students, families and educators to connect and create networks of support. These dynamic, interactive panels of current college students, disability services officers, parents and others offer a well-informed, strengths-based perspective to help participants grow in their understanding of the many paths to attaining their goals.

Alumni community

Our College Success Alumni Community grows every year, forming an early, meaningful opportunity for connection and growth.

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Ready to make a plan?

Leslie Thatcher Director of College Success and Compass coach

“Students need to be addressed with a student-centered approach — multidimensionally, earlier, more holistically than what we’ve done traditionally — in order to increase independence and get them to their full potential.”


Find out more about Compass, a College Success @ Perkins program.

Give us a call! Our admissions team is ready to answer any questions you might have and help you determine if Compass is right for your student. Contact Compass today!

Compass is for high school students who are blind or visually impaired who aspire to go to college, are motivated to succeed, open to feedback, and willing to put forth the effort necessary to reach and complete college. Students in 9th through 11th grades are strongly encouraged to apply (the earlier the better to increase college readiness), but 12th grade students and fifth-year seniors may also be considered.

Compass is a nine-month program, during which we both leverage the power of one-on-one coaching (meeting your student where they are, and helping them to grow in their self awareness) and in the Action Plan, which is implemented with the student’s Learning Triad, all over time.

Time allows a few things. It allows changes in understanding in not only the student, but the family as well. It empowers the TVI to learn new skills and to have time and support to develop new structures in a student’s school day. In short, it’s adding time “on” in intentional, constructive ways that lead to growth.