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Celebrating the first day of school

Every new academic year is unique, representative of both possibility and progress.

After a well-earned summer vacation, Perkins students returned to campus Tuesday ready for class.

Perkins School for the Blind held its first day of school on Tuesday, officially kickstarting the new academic year across its Lower School, Secondary and Deafblind Programs.

At Perkins, though, the first day of school represents so much more than a return to class. For students across campus, the start of every new year is uniquely meaningful, at once representative of the strides students have already made since beginning their learning, and of the opportunity ahead, to empower themselves, to socialize and to grow as people. And that’s always cause for celebration.

“The first day of school is one of my favorite days. I love the energy, I love walking around campus,” said Ed Bosso, Superintendent and Executive Director of Educational Programs. “It just brings a great sense of hope and energy to make changes in students’ lives, to engage them, learn from them and be teaching them all at the same time.”

Throughout the year, Perkins students will have ample opportunity to involve themselves in athletics, music, cooking, horticulture, art and the many other diverse educational and skill building activities that define the comprehensive Perkins curriculum. As it does every year for every student, though, that opportunity starts with the first day of school.

A young boy runs on the track during the Walk/Move for Perkins event.

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Mateo racing while holding a tube connected on the race line.

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