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The Right Choice for Any Career Path

Tamika, Alabama Fall 2020 virtual participant

“I discovered that I was better at multitasking under pressure than I realized, I could problem-solve quicker than I thought. I was more engaged in the customers than I imagined, and I knew how to think on my feet. Another big takeaway is the mock interviewing, which I found to be very helpful. I went in nervous, but I came out with more confidence about interviewing. In summary, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking to go into the workplace as a startup to their career path.”

A young man wearing dark, reflective glasses stands outdoors holding a mobility cane

Clarifying the path to success

Anthony, California Fall 2021 virtual participant

“I came to Career Launch because I needed the right support to lead me to meaningful employment. The puzzle pieces are all there, sometimes we just don’t know how to put them together.

This program was the clarity that I’ve been looking for.

From the lessons on language and empathy, to strategies on how to deal with different types of customers – now that I have a job, I’m prepared to be a more understanding and versatile coworker, staff member and overall employee.”

A young man smiles in a casual business portrait captured on computer camera.

Learning How to Overcome Challenges

Craig, California Fall 2020 virtual participant

“Career Launch has helped me grow more confident in myself. The instructors have helped prepare me to overcome the challenges I’ll face in finding work and staying employed.”

A young woman smiles in a casual business portrait.

Acquiring Important Life Skills

Estefani, Massachusetts Fall 2019 residential participant

“I look forward to using the skills I learned in Career Launch to help me to become a more independent and successful woman.”

A young man wearing dark glasses smiles for a casual business portrait.

Valuable Career Preparation

Michael, Michigan Spring 2020 residential participant

“I’m glad I made the decision to come to Career Launch. I have gained a ton of confidence as a blind person that I probably wouldn’t have had I not attended the program. I feel better prepared to land a job than ever before.”

A young woman smiles for a casual business portrait captured via computer camera.

Developing and Enhancing True Potential

Junie, Massachusetts Fall 2020 virtual participant

“Career Launch has helped me see other sides of myself and the different skills I had but never knew. That makes me feel more confident and pushes me to develop and enhance my true potential.”

A young woman smiles for a casual business portrait.

A Life-Changing Educational Experience

Brianna, New York Fall 2019 residential participant

“I am learning a lot about myself. Being around my coworkers is helping me realize what’s important to me in a job. I feel like I’m helping people every day and I like knowing I can make a difference.”

A young woman wearing glasses in a casual business portrait.

Building Confidence and Self-Trust

Arienne, Georgia Fall 2019 residential participant

“I’m glad I made the decision to enroll in Career Launch. This program has taught me to become more confident in myself and in the workplace.”

Julie, Illinois Parent

“My daughter is really confident like she’s never been confident before, independent like she’s never been before, and ready for the next step to her future. I couldn’t say that six months ago. I for sure couldn’t say that a year ago, and it’s very exciting. So I encourage all of you to consider Career Launch.”

Jay, New Jersey Parent

“Career Launch has a very interesting strategy for tackling the high unemployment rates for the blind and visually impaired. So far, my son has really been transformed by the program.”

Brittany VR counselor

“I have seen so much progress in my client. She claims Career Launch was one of the best experiences of her life and one that has taught her more than she ever thought possible. She’s now very excited for her future and knows the sky’s the limit for her. That’s a feeling that every vocational rehabilitation counselor hopes all of their clients are able to obtain.”

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