The participant’s perspective

Megan Business tech bootcamp participant, summer 2021

“I learned enough about the Microsoft Suite that I’m confident that I can do anything with these apps. The class time was informative and prepared me to do well on the independent assignments, which I really enjoyed completing.”

Get the tech skills for the job you want.

Business tech bootcamp is taught by Brian Switzer, Career Launch’s Assistive Technology Instructor, with work based on the successful tech curriculum in our Career Launch program.

Each week-long, virtual session costs $250 and includes 20 hours of coursework, including live classes taught via Zoom, independent assignments submitted via email as well as assessments before and after the session.

Upon completion of the course, Career Launch will provide a final tech assessment report to participants as well as their VR counselors (if applicable).

Our business tech curriculum focuses on:

  • Editing and formatting documents
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Connecting with and sharing content with colleagues
  • Reading and creating compelling slide decks
  • Navigating and using calendar applications
  • Conferencing via Zoom

A woman that is smiling on the phone while sitting at a desk with her laptop in front of her.

Program requirements

Is business tech bootcamp right for you?

Participants must apply and pass a tech assessment before being accepted to the program.

Qualified participants are required to commit to the entire week of the session (Monday through Friday) and should expect to spend 20 hours on coursework (both live instruction and independent assignments).

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a high school diploma
  • Be a student, seeking work or actively employed
  • Be 18+
  • Have access to necessary technology for the program, including a desktop or laptop computer, access to Google Suite (free) or Microsoft Suite (paid license), and reliable high-speed Internet

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