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The ELP creates long-term, systemic changes in the education and teaching of children with disabilities.

Education Leadership Program (ELP):  Inspiring, Challenging and Igniting passionate scholars

ELP evokes passion and commitment from aspirants, the world over. All of them share the love for engineering change and creating new stories for children with disabilities.

Says Mihir, “ I love being a change-maker in society for people with disabilities. My deep passion for working with and for individuals with special needs, particularly in rural India, drives my desire to improve their quality of life”.

From classroom activities to hands-on sessions with children, the ELP schedule prepares participants to be technically more proficient. As learning is a continuous and lifelong process, these opportunities are counted as invaluable in helping students grow and develop.

Mihir says that he has at times felt lost, frustrated, and judgmental when faced with difficult situations involving children. This program has been pivotal in helping him view these behaviors as a form of communication, which has changed his thought process and directed him to approach these situations with more understanding, love, and compassion. A mix of classroom and practical lab sessions have helped understand the importance of approaching each child with empathy and being willing to adapt and adjust teaching styles to meet their needs.

Working directly with children provides enriching experiences. Mihir says they have provided him with a sense of renewal, reminding him of his commitment to the profession. Good teaching is an art that requires a delicate balance between a teacher’s unique approach and the unique needs and abilities of the child. When these elements are in sync, they lead to truly transformative learning experiences for both the teacher and the student.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn about the nuances of the student- teacher relationship through the Perkins Educational Leadership Program. This program allows me to better understand the importance of this relationship and how to effectively communicate and connect with my students in order to facilitate meaningful learning experiences,” concludes Mihir.

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