Art and Craft Activities

Art activities for children with MDVI at home

A painting using homemade colors with onions and potatoes

Hands that express Using Colours

Many of us, when we were very young and even now, love doing various activities related to art and craft. The same applies to children with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment (MDVI).

When we think of activities related to art and craft there are many activities we can consider–whether it is colouring or painting using a variety of materials.

Many children with MDVI love doing activities related to art and craft. Parents and caregivers can encourage children to participate in these activities at home, which is a way to meaningfully engage children in activities that are fun and a great way to learn as well.

Art and craft activities provide opportunities for children to be creative, to socialize with other children and adults and to communicate their emotions. They can also learn various concepts ranging from understanding different colours and textures and learn skills such as using hands to hold and manipulate objects. Most importantly they will have fun!

A variety of materials like crayons, water colours, flower petals, papers/colourful papers can be used for art and craft activities. For some children, gripping a crayon or a paintbrush may be challenging if the child finds it difficult to hold or manipulate small objects. In this case, familiar objects easily available at home can be used such as vegetables, fruits or a shaving brush which would be easier for the child to hold and manipulate.

Activities using crayons

Some children with MDVI like to colour using crayons. In this case, parents and caregivers can encourage the child to use crayons in a variety of colouring activities. Parents can draw simple pictures with the child of objects or people familiar to them to begin with and gradually use different events/scenes (e.g. garden, beach, temple, home and others).

A Boy Doing Colouring Activity Using Crayon
An Apple Picture Coloured Using Crayon

The child can select their favourite colour and at times match the colour of the real object to the picture being coloured. For example, in the picture we see a student with MDVI colouring an apple. To help the child associate the object to the picture you could initially show a real apple to the child and the child could match the colour of the apple to the colour he selects for colouring. In this way the child is also learning about the colour of the apple and also learning to match the colours as he finds the appropriate colour from 2-3 crayons of different colours.

Parents and caregivers can select any fruit or any object that the child likes. If it is something that the child likes, he will likely be very motivated to do the colouring activity.

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Activities using water colours

Parents and caregivers can also encourage the child to participate in colouring activities using water colours. The child can participate in several ways – through finger painting, thumb painting, painting using vegetables and any other way based on his preference and needs.

A Young Girl With MDVI Is Doing Finger Painting
A Picture Of Palm Painting

What other household materials can be used for colouring?

Some children may not like the sensation of having colour on their hands and some may not like to have their hands wet or sticky. In such cases, vegetables, which are easily available at home, can be used as a tool for painting.

Vegetables in colours made from Turmeric (Haldi) And Vermillion (Kumkum)

For example, onion, potato, ladies finger (okra) and bitter gourd can be easily used for colouring activities. If colours are not available at home, you could also use turmeric (haldi) and vermillion (kumkum) as a substitute.

Pictures of paintings made from homemade colours with onion and potato

Parents and caregivers could make different shapes on the potato as shown in the picture and the child could use this to make different patterns as per his preference.

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Painting made from thick paste of spinach leaves and an old brush

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A boy with high-powered glasses grabs hold of a colourful ball.

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A girl smudges colourful paint on her teacher’s face, both laughing.

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