Cover of The Mentor magazine
Section of the January 1892 cover of The Mentor, published by the Perkins Alumni Association. Above and below the title are circular illustrations of subjects who are blind sewing, typing, playing the organ, tuning a piano, and caning chairs. Plant elements decorate the borders of the illustrations.


Our goal is provide resources that are accessible to all.

Perkins digitized magazines and newsletters have been made available on the Internet Archive, which utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and downloadable file formats, including Daisy, to provide access to users who are blind and visually impaired. We acknowledge that OCR is prone to errors, and cannot recognize graphics or handwritten text, thus creating barriers to some of these materials. It is our intention that by providing the materials as is, the resource is findable online to all. If any of Perkins Archives resources accessed online aren’t accessible in part or in whole, to a user because of a disability, we will create an accessible version upon request. 

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The Lantern, 1931-2002

The Lantern is a Perkins newsletter that documents the latest news and events going on at the school and in the greater Perkins community. It was initially a quarterly publication but was published once in the spring and once in the fall between 1982 and 2010. The list of links to digitized copies of The Lantern on the Internet Archive website is organized by the years included in bound volumes.

The Lens, 1903-1905

The Lens was a monthly literary magazine for the students and community at the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind, now known as Perkins. It was published from 1903-1905 and edited by Everett Davison (1903-1904) and Frederick V. Walsh (1904-1905). The list of links to digitized copies of The Lens on the Internet Archive website is organized by year and is divided into two volumes.

Volume 1

Volume 2

The Mentor, 1891-1894

The Mentor is a monthly magazine devoted to the interests of people who are blind and those in the blindness field. The publication was a means of sharing pedagogy, accommodations, tools, and more with the intention of improving the lives of people who are blind. Published by the Alumni Association of the Perkins Institution for the Blind from 1891-1894, the Mentor is possibly the earliest publication by and for people who are blind and had an international scope. The list of links to digitized copies of The Mentor on the Internet Archive website is organized by year and is divided into four volumes.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

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Kindergarten students playing a game in a circle formation in 1893.

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