Access to unprocessed collections

Unprocessed archival and manuscript collections are generally considered to be open for research, provided they are not restricted. However, the Archives may need to delay access for a reasonable period of time to inventory the records or stabilize fragile materials.

Requests must be made at least one full week in advance for any unprocessed collections.

Digitized materials

For preservation reasons, we do not generally provide access to physical materials that have been digitized. We’re glad to check on specific issues such as obstruction of text or an illegible scan.

We recognize that sometimes the physical item is relevant, especially for tactile materials. If this is the case for your specific project, please describe your goals clearly in your research application form. Also let us know whether you would like to handle a specific item, or whether other similar items would also work for you.

Restricted access materials

Some materials are restricted access: these include student files and other items that include identifying information about private individuals. Access to these materials requires our approval of a specific project proposal, additional documentation, and a signed agreement.

Restricted access material cannot be photographed, scanned, or otherwise digitized.

Access and use of materials


Physical access

Handling collections

Photocopies and reproductions