Appreciating the celebration and turning over the leaf

NEC Student Amelia Ruff's shares her thoughts on her upcoming first year at college!

The blueberries are so plump and juicy just waiting to be picked and plunged into our white bucket or on occasion right into my mouth. Every year around late August early September my family attends a local orchard in Putney Vermont. This cues us that it’s the end of summer fun and the return to school, work and fall events. If you have read some of my prior blogs, you know those plump delicious blueberries turn into jars of jam.  This year we added cardamom, a very fragrant spice that grows in and around India. It is often in chai. My family  tends to get an itch for canning and everything homemade like homemade purple sauerkraut, our secret relish and desserts. I really enjoy this time of season. But all that aside it also marks the beginning of school. Sophie, my sister, returns to high school. She attends high school for two more years. A whole new experience for me, College!

My college experience officially starts in a week. I am feeling excited! I have my schedule already. Real college courses, intro to Sociology which dives into the study of societies and math, college algebra not particularly my favorite but most certainly needed and required. Before I continue on with the subject of back to school, I would like to vier off for a moment. You will soon see the connection.

I enjoy September for several reasons but one of my most important reasons is because September has an awareness week for Mitochondrial Disease which is what I have. I enjoy knowing that others are learning about this disease and seeing buildings light up green during the week in honor of those living with and some unfortunately lost their fight with MITO. Listed below is a link with photos.

Every year during Mitochondrial Disease week I wear green and ask my friends to do so as well. If you would like, please wear or display anything that has green during the week of September 18th-24th of 2023. Having multiple rare diseases is hard to live with especially if you’re a teen/young adult because as individuals, we see milestones that others are achieving in society and get an idea of what life we want. I have been recently learning that society’s expectations versus what I’m capable of doing is different and that is OK! I want to share with others who might have similar issues or are in a spot in life where they are having a hard time, can sense a little hope and knows they’re not alone, so I’ve decided to start writing my own book. Stay tuned!! 

Below is one last bit of advice for those starting school soon!

School Tips for anyone with Disabilities (should be customized for your needs)




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