Annual Report 2023

You made all of this possible in 2023

We believe every child can learn. Anywhere.

With our nearly 200 years of expertise, Perkins goes where the children are. In 2023, we reached 1.2 million children with disabilities. We also reached 185 countries via CVI Now, a go-to source for trusted answers and resources about the leading cause of childhood blindness.

None of this work would have been possible without your ongoing support. Together, we’re building a world where everyone belongs.

Our values

At Perkins, we prepare children with disabilities for the future. We believe every child can learn. Anywhere. Because of your support, we’re igniting change around the world!

Tigran is a boy wearing a dark blue sweater with patterns. He sits in between his teacher (on his right) and his mother (on his left). They engage in a school lesson.
Jeremiah looks at a photo/tangible tile that represents himself and holds his palm against the tactile element.

Reaching 1.2 million kids with disabilities worldwide

Perkins meets children with disabilities where they are and helps families, teachers, and governments discover what’s possible. We believe building sustainable programs globally means brighter futures for children tomorrow.

Four Perkins employees pose wearing PRIDE shirts and holding rainbow flags at Perkins' annual PRIDE parade.
Jenny Tabaczynski, Lindsay Conner, Laura Dennison, and Ellen Barber pose holding rainbow flags.

Leading the way in DisabilityTech and digital accessibility

Perkins is building a world where everyone belongs. We’re committed to breaking down society’s barriers to inclusion, from trailblazing in the DisabilityTech space to sharing lessons about digital accessibility.

A woman kneels down to pose with a young girl who wears soft pink glasses and uses a wheelchair.

Confronting the leading cause of childhood blindness

Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) is a hidden epidemic, impacting one in 30 children. That’s one child in every American classroom. As the global leader in educating children with disabilities, we’re changing that.

Our impact

Nearly 200 years

of experience educating children with disabilities.

1.2 million children

with disabilities reached worldwide in 2023.

185 countries

reached via CVI Now.

Two students embrace and smile.

Stories of impact

Marinna and Sol laugh and smile while sitting on their moms laps outside.

The joy of a Perkins friendship

Laura Sol’s mom

“Perkins is one of my happy places … I’m just a mom with my child, playing.”

2023 highlights

After all, we go where the children are. And that means all over the world!

Fiscal year 2023

Financial summary

Operating revenue

A pie chart of Perkins' operating revenue for 2023.

Total operating revenue: $97,711,000

  • Tuition (light blue): 37%; $38,961,000
  • Program service revenue (yellow): 19%; $19,574,000
  • Gifts and grants (red): 19%; $19,576,000
  • Sales of materials for the blind (green): 5%; $5,630,000
  • Endowment support (orange): 19%; $20,670,000
  • Other (dark blue): 1%; $1,123,000
  • Transfer to board restricted endowment: ($7,823,000)

Operating expenses

A pie chart of Perkins' operating expenses for 2023.

Total operating expenses: $101,720,864

  • Programs (light blue): 76% in total; $77,526,145
    • Educational Services: $53,714,849
    • Perkins International: $4,036,374
    • Perkins Library: $3,457,350
    • Perkins Solutions: $6,711,968
    • Other: $9,605,604
  • Administrative (yellow): 20%; $20,205,043
  • Fundraising (red): 4%; $3,989,676

Net assets

Net assets for the fiscal year running July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 were $383,777,210.

New year, same need

Donors like you make it possible for children with disabilities to unlock their own learning opportunities. If you believe that every child can learn, consider making a gift today.