Together, we’re building a better future for kids

Thanks to your generous support last year, Perkins School for the Blind is building a better future for kids everywhere. And that includes the 240 million children with disabilities around the world.

With the success of 2022, and now looking into 2023, we have many things to celebrate, including the culmination of 8 years of leadership and service by our outgoing Chair of the Board of Trustees, Corinne Basler, and the arrival of our new Chair, Steve Pelletier.

Together, we’re building a better world for kids with multiple complex disabilities around the world.

Perkins student Amyah holds a sign that reads "thank you!"

Our values

A teacher is sitting next to a girl, shining a flashlight on her desk.
A girl in a supportive chair looks at tangible symbols on the tray in front of her that are illuminated by a teacher’s (Grace’s) flashlight.

We believe every child can learn and learning is for life

We meet children where they are, we help families, teachers, schools, and governments see what’s possible, and we share what we’ve learned over the course of our nearly 200-year history: that every person can successfully contribute to their community, given the right support.

A young woman in a pink dress sits in a wheelchair
Zoey poses in her prom dress outside

We demand disability inclusion

We believe accessibility and inclusion are human rights. That’s why we’re committed to breaking down society’s barriers to inclusion, from sharing the lessons we’ve learned about accessibility to celebrating the achievements of children we’ve reached all across the globe.

A woman and a boy who is blind smile at the camera in the Philippines

We believe real change is global change

We believe building sustainable programs around the globe today means brighter futures for children tomorrow. By empowering families and professionals to ignite change and unleash possibility, we’re setting new standards for what is possible for children with multiple disabilities and for our world.

Building a better future for kids around the world

What if every child, including those with disabilities and developmental delays, grew up surrounded by the support they need to learn and thrive from the very beginning?

Perkins School for the Blind brings 200 years of innovation and practical models for what is possible for every child. We can’t wait to show that together we can rebuild a world where everyone belongs.

Our impact around the world

17,000 childrenwith Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment already reached

751,000 kidsreached worldwide in 2022

1,000 families served through our campus programs

Building a better future for kids with the leading cause of blindness

50,000 kids

with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment will be reached in five years

1,700 parents and caregivers

engaged through the Perkins CVI Now online community

What’s it like to have CVI?

Explore this guide to understand the unique complexities of living with the leading cause of childhood blindness

A mom holding her young daughter in her lap with a smile on her face.

Building a better future for young adults with disabilities

Learn about how we’re preparing students with multiple complex disabilities for a meaningful life after high school.

Highlights from our year

Our stories of success

You make all of this possible

Thank you to our donors

Trustees and members of the Corporation

Financial summary

Operating revenue

A pie chart of Perkins' operating revenue

FY2022 operating revenue total: $88,488,000

  • Tuition (Light blue): 38.2%; $37,586,000
  • Program service revenue (Yellow): 17.4%; $17,146,000
  • Gifts and grants (Red): 17.8%; $17,490,000
  • Sales of materials for the blind (Green): 5.5%; $5,374,000
  • Endowment support (Orange): 20.6%; $20,263,000
  • Other (Dark blue): 0.5%; $483,000

Transfer to board restricted endowment: ($9,854,000)

Operating expenses

A pie chart of Perkins' operating expenses

FY2022 expenses total: $83,869,780

  • Programs (Light blue): Total: 81.9%; $68,706,957
    • Educational Services: $48,678,913
    • International Programs: $2,845,420
    • Perkins Library: $3,110,954
    • Perkins Solutions: $5,790,443
    • Other: $8,281,227
  • Administrative (Yellow): 14.5%; $12,184,210
  • Fundraising (Red): 3.6%; $2,978,613

Net assets for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 were $376,078,762.

A little girl that is smiling in the arms of a woman by a fountain.

Thank you for your enduring support

Together, we’re making a world of difference for children with multiple complex disabilities and visual impairments.

Sustain our mission

Every donation makes a difference.