Alt Text for James Webb Space Telescope Images

Alt text, the unexpected star of NASA's web images!

Stunning colorful image from James Webb Space Telescope of the Cosmic Cliffs.

Current news headlines are featuring “The unexpected star of NASA’s Web Images” . . . and the focus is on the alt text descriptions of these amazing space images! Tweets have been flying: “This isn’t just a stunning picture from NASA, it’s a brilliant example of how to use alt text!” Writers designers, scientists and educators have teamed together to create incredible alt text descriptions of the stunning space images captured by the James Webb Space Telescopes.


The Impact

First and foremost, it is exciting to learn more about space and to view NASA’s incredible images. The icing on the cake is that these images contain alt text descriptions that have been described as “. . . feel(ing) like a love letter to space exploration and the infinite marvels of the universe. Accessibility expands the world for everyone, making even distant stars attainable.” (Alexa Heinrich, of Accessible Social)

Social media platforms are discussing the alt text features, which is increasing awareness of the need for universal design and BLV people are sharing how these descriptions are touching hearts and opening up dreams of working in space-related careers.

Educators will use these images and alt text descriptions in the classroom and TSVIs can incroporate these descriptions into alt text lessons.

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