Strategy & Sustainability Consulting

The idea of building an accessibility program that spans your organization may seem overwhelming. How do you set priorities, operationalize the program and plan for long-term success? Perkins Access can help guide your initiative with high-level strategic consulting.

We take a uniquely holistic approach to strategy at Perkins Access, rooted in our in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make accessibility work in the real world. We’ll look at every aspect of your organization to help you determine how to integrate accessibility best practices and sustain them over the long term. Our goal is to help you become an accessibility leader.

Our Strategy & Sustainability Consultants will help you:

multiple tasks being rearranged in order of priority

Set priorities

Building accessibility into your ecosystem is a multi-step process. We’ll help you determine which accessibility projects to prioritize, taking into account factors like cost, risk, impact and personnel resources.

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Make the case

We’ll help you effectively make the case for the benefits and importance of accessibility at the leadership level and across your organization, including strategies for ongoing communication.

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Plan and prepare

We look at all of the relevant stakeholders in your organization, including contracting, design, development, quality assurance and content creation teams, as well as outside partners, to identify gaps and opportunities for fully supporting users with disabilities.

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Get started

We’ll provide a detailed roadmap with our recommendations for what to do next, and how to get started. This includes guidance on how to build internal accessibility expertise across your organization.

Prepare to be a leader in digital accessibility.

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What our customers are saying:

“If you’re looking for a partner that will support you through not only creating an accessible experience for users, but helping your team and larger organization understand why it matters, Perkins Access is a great option.”

- Michael Beauchamp, UX & Research Service Owner, Amica Mutual Insurance Company

“Our university is currently developing a campus-wide initiative for improving diversity, equity and inclusion across the board - programmatically, digitally, and in physical spaces. As we shape that strategy, we’re using our work with Perkins Access as a blueprint to inform the digital aspects of the plan.”

- Project Lead, University Client