Perkins Insights

Expert digital accessibility evaluation and a plan for success.

Want to make your digital products and services more accessible but not sure how to begin? Start with Perkins Insights. We’ll conduct an expert review of your digital experience that reveals how users with disabilities experience your site and identifies the most critical accessibility obstacles, giving you a snapshot of where you are today and next steps for moving forward.

What you get with Perkins Insights

a mobile device held up with three icons of sight, hearing, and touch

See how users experience your site

We’ll thoroughly test and document the experience of using your site or application, incorporating the input of our users with disabilities who will navigate your site with assistive technology. We’ll focus on key goals like basic navigation, searching, filling in forms and completing transactions. You’ll learn what worked well, where we encountered barriers, and what needs to be improved to reach and engage more customers.

a magnifying glass highlighting issues on user experience

Learn how to start meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1)

Our accessibility experts will document the top WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility standards issues. We’ll identify the issues that could have the biggest positive impact on the user experience and offer guidance on how to address them.

a person showing data through bar graphs and grids

Put your entire team on the same page

We’ll present our findings in a dynamic presentation featuring:

  • An overview of why accessibility matters
  • Your user-testing results
  • Your site’s top standards issues and solutions

This presentation is ideal for senior execs, design and development teams, and other digital content creators and managers. Not only does it prepare your team to move forward with a shared understanding of the problem; it primes leadership to secure the funding to help meet your customers’ accessibility demands now and in the future.

Jumpstart your digital accessibility strategy.

Start your accessibility project with Perkins Access.

What our customers are saying:

“The perspective we’ve gained through our work with Perkins Access has been truly eye-opening, and honestly a bit humbling when you realize what you might take for granted. Whether people are experiencing a disability permanently, temporarily or situationally, they should always be able to access the information they need.

At every step throughout the Perkins Insights process, we learned something new - from the unique experience of real-world testing with actual users to the thorough, specific roadmap the team presented to guide near-term and long-term improvements.

The Perkins Access team has a reputation for being the subject matter experts with good reason. Perkins Insights has changed the way we’ll build going forward, so that we’re always taking everyone into consideration.”

- Mary Lutfy, Web and Mobile Digital Specialist, Henry Ford Health System