Digital Accessibility Training

Perkins Access can help you build your team’s accessibility expertise, with training and coaching that’s tailored to your organization’s needs. What sets us apart is our focus on role-based training: providing the education that specific groups need, at the relevant point in the process. Unlike a one-size-fits all training, our customized approach meets you where you are in your accessibility journey. From there, we help get you to a point where accessibility expertise is ingrained throughout your organization.

Why choose Accessibility Training with Perkins?

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Tailored to your Needs

Prior to starting any training, we’ll work with you to understand where there are gaps in your team’s knowledge, where various teams need the most help, and what your overall goals are. If you’d like, we can even tailor our material to incorporate your specific software, tools, CMS, and content.

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Training with Perkins Access is collaborative, engaging, and practical. We supplement our live training with a library of learning resources, how-to guides and pre-recorded courses.

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Designers, developers, content creators and others play distinct roles and have unique concerns when it comes to accessibility. We provide focused, in-depth training based on the processes, tools and issues most relevant to them.

Ready to take your team’s accessibility expertise to the next level?

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What our customers are saying:

"Following our work with Perkins Access, accessibility is embedded into our process. All new features are tested through the lens of accessibility – it's now a part of our 'definition of done.'"

– Aaron Vanderpoel, Principal Software Engineer, Building Engines