Accessible Design Reviews

At Perkins Access, we’ve learned from experience that designing your website or application for accessibility before it’s coded is a lot easier—not to mention cheaper—than bolting it on later.

Our Accessible Design Review services help you understand and avoid accessibility barriers in your designs, establish guidelines, and plan for a successful development process—often before a single line of code is written. When it’s time to launch, you can feel confident that you’ve created a more inclusive experience for more users. You’ll also save time and money that might otherwise have been spent on bug fixes down the line.

What our accessibility experts can review:

a mockup of a webpage

Your wireframes and mockups, providing annotations and detailed analysis and recommendations for avoiding accessibility issues.

a pencil, pen, and ruler on a computer screen

Your brand guidelines and color palettes to ensure they meet requirements for images, writing style and color.

a paint pallete

Your design systems and patterns to help you write “requirements of use” so that accessibility considerations are clear.

a pencil designing a web template

Early implementations of your templates, components and style sheets to ensure they’re inclusively designed and built before they’re replicated across your website or mobile app.

a person helping another person climb

We can also engage and educate project managers, business analysts, UX designers, content strategists, scrum masters and key stakeholders to build a foundation for accessible design going forward.

Jumpstart your digital accessibility strategy.

Find out how an Accessible Design Review from Perkins Access can strengthen your organization’s accessibility efforts.

What our customers are saying:

“For me, it was exciting because this was the first time in my experience where accessibility was extensively addressed ahead of release. I’d never had the opportunity to build it in from the wireframe stage.

As a developer, working with Perkins Access to start from the right spot was a very awesome experience — and a huge advantage. It made the process much smoother and more efficient."

- Sienna Svob, Software Engineer, Warren for President