Accessibility Support

When it comes to digital accessibility projects, getting expert help along the way can save significant time, effort and expense. More than just a support desk, Perkins Access Program Support makes our team a part of yours. We set up a Slack channel where your developers can collaborate with our digital accessibility experts on an ongoing basis, for recommendations and hands-on implementation support.

How we support you:

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Project management

We’ll help guide you through your entire accessibility project, including status reports and updates along the way to ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

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Remediation and retesting

After a WCAG audit, our team can provide hands-on support and guidance to help your developers remediate accessibility issues, as well as re-testing to confirm that solutions have been implemented properly.

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Expertise on demand

Have a question? Need to troubleshoot a problem, or brainstorm an approach? Our team is there for you, accessible via a dedicated Slack channel or your team’s preferred collaboration software.

Set your team up for success on your next accessibility project.

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What our customers are saying:

“Knowing that the Perkins Access team was available to troubleshoot and support me along the way was invaluable. There were some pieces where straight-up accessibility guidelines wouldn’t have helped. But I was able to reach out to talk through any challenges and get the answers I needed to keep moving quickly. In particular, I know that those conversations helped me make our site easier to use for anyone navigating with a keyboard or using a screen-reader, so it really makes a difference.”

– Sienna Svob, Software Engineer, Warren for President