I am creating a new digital experience and want to make sure I design it with accessibility in mind.

Access Workshops

This interactive, hands-on discussion between clients, consultants and users helps to build empathy by experiencing digital barriers firsthand, while identifying simple solutions to reach more customers.

Inclusive Design Reviews

We’ll provide a thorough, expert review of product concepts, design artifacts and prototypes to build in best practices for accessibility before coding begins. This saves time and money down the road.

Perkins Usability Insights

We can extend your usability testing program by tapping into our community of users with various abilities. You’ll understand potential issues based on the insight of people who would face them.

I have an existing website or application and want to know how to make it accessible.

Accessibility Audits

Our consultants will thoroughly evaluate your digital experience to determine if it meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and tell you how to achieve WCAG compliance if it doesn’t.

Access Support Desk

Sometimes fixing accessibility defects isn’t so black and white. We can help with on-demand access to the collective knowledge of our accessibility consultants to ensure you fix them right the first time.

Commitment Statements & VPATs

After working with you to remove accessibility barriers, we can help create a public statement that promotes your commitment to accessibility. Additionally, as an independent third party we can provide a VPAT.

I want to improve my company's operational processes to build more inclusive products & services.

Strategy & Sustainability Consulting

To ensure sustained success, we can help you develop a long-term strategy and roadmap for improving your operational policies, procedures and support for accessibility across your organization.


Through our recorded webinars, how-to guides and instructor-led training, we support companies with high quality educational resources, tailored to different roles and responsibilities within your organization.