Meet the Leadership Team

Perkins consultants have an average of 20 years of experience in human-centered design, digital accessibility standards and assistive technology usability testing.

Luiza Aguiar, Executive Director of Perkins Solutions

headshot of Luiza Aguiar

Aguiar oversees development and marketing of assistive technology products and accessibility consulting services. She has more than 20 years of experience in software and technology product management, marketing and business development, including posts with Sun Microsystems, Art Technology Group and FTP Software. Previously she was senior manager of product marketing at RSA, the security division of EMC. Aguiar holds an MBA from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Gary Aussant, Director of Perkins Access Consulting

headshot of Gary Aussant

With a 20-year career in technology and user experience consulting, Aussant has helped such Fortune 100 companies as Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, eBay, General Motors, Transamerica and Twitter embrace universal design. He specializes in design thinking and usability testing to improve digital experiences early in the product development and helping clients sustain accessibility through best practices in day-to-day operations.

Geoff Freed, Director of Perkins Access Consulting

headshot of Geoff Freed

With more than 35 years of digital accessibility experience, Freed is a senior advisor to organizations working to ensure their digital experiences are usable by people with disabilities and are compliant with accessibility standards and recommendations. Before joining Perkins, he helped lead digital accessibility efforts at WGBH for 35 years, including 12 years as Director of Technology Projects and Web Media Standards. Freed has also trained professionals versed in design, code and structure, and has led a wide variety of private and federal projects focused on online as well as digital device accessibility.

Jennifer Sagalyn, Director of Business Development

headshot of Jennifer Sagalyn

Sagalyn was previously director of marketing and strategic partnerships at the WGBH Educational Foundation, spearheading accessibility consulting and digital media services for America's top public broadcaster. Partnerships she created helped shape Apple's built-in access technology, VoiceOver and the Adobe Connect Meeting Captioning Extension. She also played a leadership role in the first industry forum dedicated to online multimedia access.

Taylor Anne Snook, Accessibility Consultant

headshot of Taylor Anne Snook

Snook possesses deep expertise in content management systems, user-centered design and various programming languages. She began her work at Perkins developing systems that would support hundreds of local partners worldwide. Snook is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies and holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Colby College and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Global Practice from Boston College. 

JoAnn Becker, Assistive Technology Support, Training and Testing Specialist

headshot of Joann Becker

Being blind herself, Becker has over 20 years of experience in the fields of assistive technology and devices, including training hundreds of students, teachers and adults. She is a certified teacher of JAWS, Window Eyes and Zoom Text, as well as a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies. Becker has also worked for such industry-leading technology companies as Kurzweil, HumanWare and Optelec.

Lisa Chiango, Assistive Technology Support, Training and Testing Specialist

headshot of Lisa Chiango

Chiango, who is deafblind, has been working with deafblind individuals for the past 20 years. She helped establish the Deafblind Community Access Network. Previously, she was a specialist for Apple, providing product demos and accessibility training on a range of devices. Chiango received a B.S. in Computer Science from Gallaudet University and a Master of Visual Media Arts from Emerson College and is fluent in both American and Tactile Sign Language. 

Tim Cumings, Assistive Technology Support, Training and Testing Specialist

headshot of Tim Cumings

Cumings has been providing accessibility technology training and support for over 20 years. He is certified by the HTML Writers Guild and versed in accessible web page design. He is an expert in various solutions, including Goldwave, Audacity, Reaper, JAWS, WindowEyes, NVDA and Braille displays. Cumings is the former president of the Visually Impaired Blind Users Group and is a member of the Webmaster Association of Blind Citizens.