Volunteer with BlindWays

Be part of the solution

These three simple steps allow you to give back quickly and easily. Whether you are waiting at a bus stop or walking past one, a few taps in the BlindWays app lets you quickly and easily describe surrounding landmarks. Your contributions are what make BlindWays useful for people who are blind.

Tips for Contributing Clues to BlindWays

  • Bus stops near you will appear in the “Nearby Stops” section of the app. You can also enter a specific route number to locate a stop via the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen.
  • In the app, stops that need clues are marked with green text “More Clues Needed.”
  • Accuracy is key! Be sure to stand at the correct bus stop.
    • The MBTA often gives its stops the same name, but uses “@” (at) and “opp” (opposite) to distinguish which side of the street the bus stop is on. Make sure you are standing at the correct side of the street for the stop name you are entering clues for.
    • Stand at the bus stop sign where the route number is listed, not at the “no parking bus stop” sign nearby.
  • Please face the street where the bus will be stopping when you enter clues.
  • Describe permanent conditions or fixtures that are easy to recognize by touch and with a cane.
  • Focus on entering permanent landmark clues that are near the ground within about 30 feet on same side of the sidewalk as the bus stop sign.
  • Many screens require scrolling down to see all the content.
  • Click “Done” to save clues when you are finished.
  • Remember that pedestrians who are visually impaired sweep their canes about the same distance as their shoulder width. Identify landmarks that fall within that range on the same side of the sidewalk as the bus stop.
  • We value input from our users via the “Send Feedback” option under “Menu”.

Volunteer opportunities for organizations

There are hundreds of bus stops in the Boston area, and we need your help entering clues for each one. Consider using your organization’s next volunteer day to support Perkins. We can demonstrate how easy it is to enter clues. Then simply refer to our map to identify bus stops near work or home that still need clues. The task isn’t challenging, but it does make a difference. Contact the Perkins volunteer office to learn more about how your group can help.

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