Our Approach

The Perkins Inclusive Design Process provides you with a path for making your digital experience accessible.

It’s a human-centered approach that drives everything we do. We walk the talk, placing ourselves in users' shoes at every step to understand their challenges. It’s backed by extensive work with those who are visually impaired and a broader network of people of varying abilities.

Our methodology helps you build accessibility into your organization while reducing risk and costs as you progress through your accessibility journey.

A wheel that reads relate, iterate, evaluate and create.

Relate. We help your team understand the needs and challenges of individuals with disabilities and explore the benefits of inclusive design.

Create. We provide expert guidance during your design process, to identify barriers and opportunities for improving the experience, before development begins.

Evaluate. Our accessibility experts and one-of-a-kind network of users with disabilities test against industry standards to ensure your digital products and services work for everyone. 

Iterate. We work side-by-side with your team to optimize resources and identify solutions that will sustain and grow accessibility.