Inclusive Design

Inclusive design guides everything we do. We believe if you design products and services for those with a range of abilities, they’ll be better for everybody. It also lifts your brand image by showing you care about all consumers – existing customers and the new ones you’re sure to attract.

Want Proof?


People who would buy from a purpose-driven company


People who would switch from one company to a purpose-driven one


People who would support a purpose-driven company in their community


People who would prefer to work for a purpose-driven company

2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study

Inclusive design drives innovation, too. People with a range of abilities have distinct needs. Focusing on these "extreme users" can provide insight that’ll lead you to develop more innovative and effective solutions. This means you tap into a new pool of potential customers while better serving your entire market. And with costly website accessibility lawsuits on the rise, inclusive design leads to better risk protection.

$8 trillion
Annual disposable income of people
with disabilities along with their friends and family

2016 Annual Report: The Global Economics of Disability, Return on Disability Group

In short, designing with accessibility in mind enables you to build brand loyalty, reach more customers and reduce legal risk. And by leading now, you’ll future-proof operations with processes to keep you out front.