Client Stories

Amica and Perkins Access Partner to Improve UX


"If you value the user experience for everyone, Perkins Access is the partner for you. They’ve exceeded all of our expectations, and it just feels like, together, we’re doing good work here.


"We wanted to work with an accessibility partner who was philosophically aligned with us. Our approach was to primarily focus on the user experience and ensure that what we build can work for everyone, understanding that this approach would also lead to compliance with accessibility guidelines. We found exactly what we were looking for in our partnership with Perkins Access.”
- Michael J. Beauchamp, UX & Research Service Owner
Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Warren for President and Perkins Access Champion Digital Accessibility

Warren for President

"Working with Perkins Access has put accessibility at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It comes up more frequently in conversations, and it’s championed by designers and developers. It’s ingrained in everyone. And as this team goes out and builds more websites in the world, everyone will think about these accessibility best practices earlier and earlier - and that’s a good thing."
– Julianna Egner, Director of Project Management
Warren for President

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Perkins Access Create a New Digital Frontier for Accessibility

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

"As with the opening of the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown in 2013, we aimed to go beyond compliance and set a new standard for inclusive design. The patients we serve have a wide range of abilities and it is imperative that everyone can access digital information on the care, research, education and advocacy that is so central to what we do. Partnering with Perkins Access, an organization aligned with us in spirit, to achieve these lofty goals has been a wonderful experience."
– David Storto, President
Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Partners Continuing Care

Henry Ford Health System: Perkins Insights changes the way they develop

Henry Ford Health System

"The perspective we’ve gained through our work with Perkins Access has been truly eye-opening, and honestly a bit humbling when you realize what you might take for granted. Whether people are experiencing a disability permanently, temporarily or situationally, they should always be able to access the information they need. At every step throughout the Perkins Insights process, we learned something new — from the unique experience of real-world testing with actual users to the thorough, specific roadmap the team presented to guide near-term and long-term improvements. The Perkins Access team has a reputation for being the subject matter experts with good reason. Perkins Insights has changed the way we’ll build going forward, so that we’re always taking everyone into consideration."
– Mary Lutfy, Web and Mobile Digital Specialist
Henry Ford Health System

Building Engines: Making Accessibility Part of the "Definition of Done"

Building Engines

"Following our work with Perkins Access, accessibility is embedded into our process. All new features are tested through the lens of accessibility – it's now a part of our 'definition of done.'"
– Aaron Vanderpoel, Principal Software Engineer
Building Engines

FirstFuel and Perkins Access: Improving Digital Accessibility, Gaining A Competitive Edge

First Fuel

"We're in a much better situation than we were a year ago – and we're still coming back to Perkins for regular check-ins, but there are a lot fewer issues popping up. Perkins Access has changed the way we work.'
– Rick Kellstrom, Sr. UX UI Designer

Clear Ballot leverages Perkins' consulting services and community ties to gauge accessible voting systems

Clear Ballot

To trial Clear Ballot's latest electronic kiosk voting systems, Perkins hosted a mock election on its Watertown campus. Over the course of four days, the organization leveraged its deep ties to the blindness and broader disability community to test the system with 44 users, both with and without disabilities. Working in accordance with mandated Common Industry Format (CIF) voter machine testing protocols, Perkins also provided the testing facility itself, directions for using the machines, and recruited and trained more than 24 poll workers to conduct question and answer sessions with users to gain a better understanding of the challenges they faced during the mock election...

Submittable attained a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)


Submittable is a platform that streamlines and simplifies online applications. In partnership with Perkins Access, Submittable attained a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), which affirms that their platform is more accessible to a wide range of users with disabilities – including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity, and combinations of these.

Onshape partners with Perkins Access for short-term and long-term success on their accessibility journey


"The accessibility workshop helped us make real improvements for our users – delivering results both in the short-term and for the long-term. During the session, the Perkins Access team helped us to identify and remediate some 'quick fix,' immediate-impact issues and prioritize more complex issues. We consider Perkins Access a partner on our accessibility journey. We have more work to do, and we're doing it together."
– John Rousseau, Director, Technical Operations

Removing barriers to Edmentum's online learning tools


When Edmentum approached Perkins Access, Perkins Solutions' digital accessibility consulting service, to evaluate the accessibility of its products for students with visual impairments, it had already identified some challenges. Edmentum, one of the country’s leading online learning providers, had previously enlisted a student with visual impairments to find barriers to accessibility. That student walked the Edmentum team through many roadblocks in the company's courseware – places where text and images weren't visible or easily navigated using a screen reader. "[The review] was super...

Students with Visual Impairment can take Online Courses at Harvard

Harvard University

"Harvard's Division of Continuing Education is committed to being a leader in expanding access to all learners, and we have been very pleased to work with Perkins School for the Blind on this effort. The Perkins Access team has helped us understand the challenges facing a wide range of users and translated that into very workable recommendations to improve accessibility of our online learning content. Our collaboration with Perkins has brought an important set of perspectives and expertise to bear on developing our courses, which we know will have benefits for all of our learners and create a truly accessible academic community."
– Robert Neugeboren, Chief Accessibility Officer
Harvard University

Opening University of Notre Dame Admissions Portal to Students who are Blind

University of Notre Dame

Erik Runyon had been trying to figure out how to make the University of Notre Dame's website more accessible for years. So when a trusted colleague recommended Perkins Access digital accessibility consulting service, he was ready. "We had our assumptions, but we really wanted to put them to the test," Runyon said. "Until someone actually uses your sites with a device like a screen reader you don't know for certain." As the university's technical director for marketing communications, Runyon even tried to hire a student with...

Making USDA's food safety app accessible to everyone

United States Drug Administration

The USDA's FoodKeeper app took off like a rocket when it launched last spring, helping consumers avoid wasting food through storage advice and reminders. With 50,000 downloads in the first five weeks, Director of the Food Safety and Inspection Service Christopher Bernstein said, "We met our goal months early." So when the team from Perkins Access, the digital accessibility service from Perkins Solutions, offered to review FoodKeeper for accessibility, Bernstein was excited to make the smartphone app even better...

IT staff at UNC Walks Away with a Better Understanding of Accessibility Requirements

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Being an inclusive university means including people with disabilities, as well as people of different races and ethnicities. We expected people who attended training to be not just better informed, but really more aware of the impact of accessibility. As a result of the Perkins Access training, accessibility has become part of our everyday conversations about our digital assets."
– Kim Vassiliadis, Digital Solutions Manager
UNC – Chapel Hill