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Partner with Perkins Access to grow your brand and win customers. Our consulting ensures your digital products and services are usable by everyone, with practical and sustainable solutions delivering support at every step of your accessibility journey. 

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Inclusive Design Sets New Standard for Spaulding's Patient-Centered Website

Perkins Access partners with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network to raise the bar in healthcare by providing a patient-first, accessible website.

Learn more about Spaulding's new website

Inclusive Design and Accessibility – Good for Everyone, Good for Your Business

A group of people stack their hands on top of each other. A guide dog in the corner.

Today's consumers choose brands that care

Make a bold statement about your commitment to a better, more inclusive world by building accessibility into all you offer.

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Innovating is more fun than litigating

When your products and services fall short of accessibility standards, lawsuits aren’t far behind.

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Purposeful = Profitable

Accessible websites, products and services open your market to the nearly one in five customers with disabilities in the U.S. alone.

What's Inclusive Design?

It’s designing with everyone in mind. This human-centered approach makes your digital products and services more useful for everyone – regardless of age, ability or means of access – while improving the user experience for all.

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Why Perkins Access?

We’re part of Perkins School for the Blind, world leader in services for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. Our unique expertise, resources and user testing has made us a trusted advisor to companies, governments and educational institutions.

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Let's Get Started

No matter where you are with accessibility, our partnership begins with understanding your individual needs. We then customize our suite of services to not only help you reach your goals, but to sustain them over the long haul.

Assess where you are and what you need

A woman uses an iPad. Updated WCAG Standards Drive Digital Inclusion: What does it mean for you?

The latest accessibility guidelines expand on existing standards.

a cover of a pdf: "Making Financial Services Inclusive" Making Financial Services Accessible

Download this guide for four ways to make your mobile banking and investing apps more inclusive.