Lower School Building

The Lower School building

The Lower School building is 54,000 square-feet, designed to meet the educational, living and safety needs of roughly 60 Lower School students ages 6 to 15 who are blind or visually impaired with or without other disabilities.

Almost all Perkins Lower School students are visually impaired with additional challenges. Many use wheelchairs or walk with supports. The percentage of students with multiple disabilities is expected to grow in coming years, requiring more adaptable, accessible facilities. While the number of students at Perkins is not expected to increase, their individual needs will be greater.

The new schoolhouse meets the changing needs of our students with entrances and exits that are wheelchair accessible; larger specialized classrooms; better spaces for teaching independent living skills and personal care; covered walkways allowing students travel to and from residences and classrooms on their own; and much more.

The building has also been certified LEED Gold for its environmentally friendly design and features.