Pappas Horticulture Center

A young girl dips her hand in a fountain in the Pappas Horticulture Center.

At the Pappas Horticulture Center, students get their hands dirty and learn through experience. 

Made possible by a generous grant from the Thomas and Bessie Pappas Charitable Foundation and 800 additional donors, the 5,000-square-foot facility is a bounty of sensory experiences waiting to be explored. Students care for plants, learn to identify their shapes and textures, and splash in interactive water fountains in the sunny greenhouse. The Center also houses a resource library and three classrooms for planting, crafts and science studies. Students sell herbs, flowers and crafts for experience with retail work and practice transition skills. 

The Center was dedicated in 2003 and features a geothermal energy system to heat and cool the greenhouse in an efficient, pollution-free manner.

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