A wheely deal for Rishab

A new wheelchair increases Rishab's access to learning, and brings a sigh of relief for his mother.

Mother and father stand behind their son who sits in a wheelchair

“I am so relieved to get the wheelchair for Rishab,” shared his mother.

Even at 11 years old, Rishab’s mother used to carry him from place to place because of his limited mobility. She said, “as he grows older, it is getting very difficult for me to carry him all the time.”

Settling into the new chair, provided with the support of IndusInd Bank, was not a smooth transition. The chair felt unfamiliar compared to the comfort of his mother. The Perkins India team guided Rishab’s family to slowly introduce the wheelchair so Rishab could become more comfortable with it.

A boy learns to adjust to his wheelchair with the support of a team.
Boy sits smiling in wheelchair.

Now, Rishab can sit joyfully in the chair and is happy to be taken out — opening a world of possibilities for him to have easier access to the world around him and more opportunities for learning.

Group of children stand and give Namaste greeting.

It’s a wrap!

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Lavi is giving her mother a handful of yellow petals. Both mother and daughter are very happy at this exchange.

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Girl sits smiling in a wheelchair

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