A College Tour Experience

NEC Student Amelia Ruff Tours a College!

I am a Senior. The time is here when people explore their next steps while transitioning into adulthood, the time when you acquire independence. I am delighted to be at this stage but also nervous because it’s a new chapter. This is the time I take the lead of my life. I decide where, what and how I navigate my life and what I want to develop and pursue. I need this experience like everyone else and to embark on my own journey. I know I won’t be completely alone because I will have guidance from my parents when I need it. Mentally, I know I’m not alone because individuals in my grade and my age are going through this as well. 

Part of the transition is exploring what I want next. This includes thinking about taking a gap year, college and jobs. I know I want college to be one of many adventures I take on. Knowing this, I’ve looked into several colleges with an open mind. When I view all college possibilities with an open mind, I am able to consider certain criteria I have established to choose the most appropriate college placement for me. 


Colleges that have come across my radar: 

During February school vacation, I booked a college tour to further discover what New England College has to offer and to see if it’s a good fit for me. 

New England College (NEC) is a college in a town called Henniker, NH. NEC makes up the entire town of Henniker. NEC is a walkable town so there is no need for a car. The college has a shuttle with a regular schedule throughout the week and runs all day on weekends.The shuttle takes people from the college to stores to buy necessities as well as to the train and bus station and airport. There is housing to accommodate various levels of privacy and independence but also integrates opportunities for socializing with peers. NEC has small classes with a 14:1 ratio with some slightly bigger classes for required liberal arts courses such as English, Math, Science and History. There is free tutoring support for all students.  A tutor can help you communicate with the teacher to get an extension on a paper as well.  A tutor can speak with the teacher and say, “she actually has been working with me on this project”. This, personally, is a great benefit to me. I also love that there is inclusion in the interest of diversity within the campus community and that there are diverse food options as well. 

New England College Gem:

Everybody’s path to the most fit college for them has different gems. Some colleges appear like a shiny diamond but Don’t forget to look for the gems that are embedded in the coal. Make sure you follow the pros and cons and look at the sparkling components of each college so the gem can protrude out of the coal. Involvement along with participation builds your own expedition based on one’s life as well as creates their very own gem and future.  

I think one gem for me with NEC is the opportunity to do research to gain knowledge along with freedom to be hands-on in the project. This gem is found within the biology course. 

My final destination  that will come from all of this exploring is still evolving . This will all soon be the start of Part Two of my one colossal life story. 

Flag of New England College

Admissions Building of New England College

Me standing outside one of many cafes,  this one is called Abby’s Cafe

A photo of a plant sproating

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