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Dorothy Ingersoll, Rhoda Pill, and Eleanor Thayer oral history

Dorothy Ingersoll, Rhoda Pill, and Eleanor Thayer share stories about their time at Perkins spanning from when Ingersoll entered the Kindergarten in 1916 to her retirement in 1975. Pill worked at Perkins from 1928 until 1974, and Thayer from 1929 until 1971.

Leon Murphy oral history

Leon Murphy (1935-2022) worked at Perkins for 45 years in the Howe Press, beginning in 1960. He retired in 2005 after working as the Supervisor of final assembly and repair. Early in his career, he was mentored by David Abraham, who redesigned the Perkins Brailler, incorporating many improvements.

Rob Hastie oral history

Rob Hastie was a security guard at Perkins for 40 years, with a family history at Perkins.

Margaret McRory oral history

Margaret McRory is a descendant of Perkins founding Director Samuel Gridley Howe, renowned activist, author, and poet Julia Ward Howe, and their daughter, Florence Marion Howe, a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

Kate Fraser oral history

Kate Fraser started her 45 years at Perkins in 1975. She worked as the department head in Home and Personal Management Department, an Individual Living Specialist in the Community Services Program, and finally as a Science Teacher until her retirement in 2022.

Ellen Mazel oral history

Ellen (Cadigan) Mazel has over 45 years of expertise in the field of visual impairments, multiple disabilities, deafblindness, and CVI.

Kevin Hartigan oral history

Kevin Hartigan came to Perkins in 1985 as an assistant house parent, now referred to as an assistant coordinator of residential living before becoming the Director of Volunteers and Tours in 2013.

Charlotte Cushman oral history

Charlotte Cushman came to Perkins in 1982 and has since worked as a head houseparent, classroom teacher, consultant for Perkins International and New England Center Deafblind Project, and web manager. She also helped establish the Perkins Archives in 2011.

William Heisler oral history

William T. Heisler came to Perkins in 1953 as the head of the Department of Teacher Training. In 1977, he took on the role of Coordinator of Public Relations and Publications while remaining Coordinator of Teacher Training, focusing on recruitment. He remained in these positions until 1981 when he retired with his wife, Ruth, who also taught at Perkins.

Mike Cataruzolo oral history

Mike Cataruzolo lived, breathed, and loved Perkins School for the Blind from when he arrived at the age of 19 until his death. Over his sixty years at Perkins he held a wide variety of positions and recruited and trained volunteers who have shared their time with Perkins.