A girl sits at the base of a tree and reads a braille book.

We believe every child can learn.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to find their place in the world.

A boy sits in a chair with switches.

We demand disability inclusion.

We believe all people should be treated with respect, and offered opportunities to define their own success.

A young girl sits on the ground next to a plate of vegetables

We believe real change means global change.

We believe sustainable partnership and collaboration and is the key to creating lasting change everywhere.

We go where the children are

We’re making a difference around the world, evolving our best practices, training teachers and building education systems.

  • Making education accessible

    Perkins sets standards and builds networks to sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life around the world.

  • Equipping adults to teach

    We work to transform childrens’ futures through the power of teacher training.

  • 100 years of global educational leadership

    Perkins welcomes people from around the world to train to teach children with complex disabilities.

  • Supporting children to learn

    Perkins works to get children the support they need around the world.

  • Perkins India

    Perkins India works to identify children with complex disabilities and connect them to the services they need to thrive.

100 countries

Perkins works in almost 100 countries to get children access to highly-trained teachers and accessible education. Because we believe every child can learn.

6 in 10 college students

This is how many college students with visual impairments do not obtain a degree. We’re leading the national conversation about college success for kids with disabilities.

1 in 4 people

1 in 4 people have a disability. We consult with business, higher ed, healthcare and other industries to ensure their digital products are accessible to all.

Help us make a difference for children and young adults with complex disabilities and visual impairments.

A group photo of a family and friends posing and smiling while one man in the back holds a sign that read "Team Henry."

Upcoming event

October 5, 2024 | 9:30 AM
Sandy Lacey Howe Innovation Center

“Disability: The world’s largest minority. The world’s most diverse minority. The only minority group anyone can join at any moment in their lives. And at some point, if we live long enough, we will likely age into the community”

Daniela Gissara International Partnerships

“My humble call to action for you all is to believe that every child can learn. To believe that we teachers need more support to help children with disabilities learn. So then together, we can act to build a world where everyone belongs.”

Rachel Bennett CVI Now

“Perkins is leading the way in making sure parents, teachers, and medical professionals have access to the tools and resources they need to identify CVI as soon as possible, helping children with this leading cause of blindness access their world.”

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Your gift matters.

Give the gift of opportunity to children who are blind.

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