10 (more) things you probably don’t know about braille

Which musicians put braille on their albums album? How can braille help prison inmates? What are braille tattoos?

Did you know Rihanna is a fan of braille? The cover for her single “FourFiveSeconds” (with Kanye West and Paul McCartney) spells out the song title in braille, and her 2016 album “Anti” features a poem written in braille.

Chances are you already know the basic facts about braille. It’s a tactile system of reading and writing. Various combinations of raised dots form the letters. It was invented by Louis Braille almost two centuries ago and is a powerful literacy tool for people who are blind.

But there’s a lot about braille that may surprise you.

10 random facts about braille

A dozen, white-frosted cupcakes with braille letters spelled with colorful M&Ms.

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12 things you probably don’t know about braille