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Assistive Technology

Don't let vision loss or a learning disability hold you back. Our products, training, and services can change your life and help you stay active and independent at any age.  

An older woman with low vision reads enlarged type

Perkins Products uses high-technology adaptive devices, training, and consulting services to bring greater independence to people of all ages who are blind, visually impaired or learning disabled.

Perkins is committed to being a leader in providing technology services. To that end, Perkins offers training, equipment demonstrations, technology assessments for education, evaluations of people with low vision and other disabilities, software testing, and consulting for making websites accessible.

During the past few years Perkins has increased our investments in hardware and software adaptive technology, expanded our technology staff, and augmented training for staff and students.

View all the assistive technology we carry at Perkins Products and find what works for you or someone you know.

For more information about assistive technology, please visit Perkins Scout.