A woman holding an iPhone standing behind a podium addressing an audience
January 13, 2017
Mass Innovation Night’s crowd honors Perkins’ smartphone app that helps people who are blind locate bus stops.
Why just wait, when you can help?
October 5, 2016
Micronavigation is exactly what blind bus riders need. They don’t want to get within 30 feet... only to hear Number 16 cruise by...
A woman in a blue-green dress carrying a white cane stands directly next to an MBTA bus
September 27, 2016
BlindWays helps anyone - including people who are blind, like Joann Becker - find the exact location of an MBTA bus stop.
A woman approaches the door of a bus stopped at an MBTA bus stop.
September 22, 2016
Boston Magazine's online "Hub Health" column featured the unveiling of BlindWays.
Dave Power and Bill Oates stand in front of an MBTA bus
September 20, 2016
New smartphone app helps commuters who are blind find bus stops and travel more independently.
BlindWays logo with light blue diagonal upward pointing arrow on dark blue field
September 20, 2016
Introducing Perkins School for the Blind's first-ever mobile app, BlindWays.
Standing with her white cane and iPhone, a woman who is blind stands at an MBTA bus stop
September 20, 2016
The new BlindWays app aims to help MBTA customers navigate Boston's transit system.
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