Make a difference in the life of someone who is blind.

A man listens to clues using the BlindWays app on his phone

BlindWays picks up where GPS leaves off – guiding travelers to within a cane’s distance of the bus stop sign using reliable navigational clues.

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Make a difference in the life of someone who is blind.

A woman enters clues into the BlindWays app on her phone

BlindWays clues are provided by members of the community. It’s easy to submit a clue about an MBTA bus stop while you’re waiting for the bus or out for a walk in the neighborhood.

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BlindWays: The Bus Stops Here

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You can also view a list of bus stops sorted by bus route.

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orange bus : Stops that need clues
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How BlindWays Works

GPS technology helps users navigate to within 30 feet of their destination. If a person is blind or has very low vision, being 30 feet away from a bus stop can often mean missing the bus entirely. BlindWays closes that “last 30 feet of frustration” with clues contributed by volunteers that describe permanent landmarks near the bus stop – a tree, a fire hydrant, a mailbox. The crowdsourced clues bring users to within four or five feet (the average length of a white cane) of their bus stop so they can touch the signpost and verify they are in the right spot. Using BlindWays gives visually impaired commuters the confidence they need to travel independently.

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  • Accessibility first: BlindWays was built from the ground up with accessibility in mind, using VoiceOver audio output to help users navigate to bus stops.
  • Navigational tips: The app provides navigational clues based on permanent landmarks located near the bus stop and presented in a sequence aligned with the user’s direction of travel.
  • Arrival information: BlindWays offers predictive, location-based bus arrival information.
  • Nearby Stops: Identifies the three bus stops closest to your current location.
  • Favorites: Users can easily save their most-used bus routes for future reference.
  • Add Clues: Simply select from a list of easily recognizable descriptions of the bus stop sign, nearby permanent landmarks, and/or enter free form text clues.

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A man uses an iphone while standing next to a bus stop

Perkins partners with MIPsoft, makers of the popular BlindSquare app, to help more travelers with visual impairments find bus stops in the Boston area.

A woman holding an iPhone standing behind a podium addressing an audience

Mass Innovation Night’s crowd honors Perkins’ smartphone app that helps people who are blind locate bus stops.

Why just wait, when you can help?

Micronavigation is exactly what blind bus riders need. They don’t want to get within 30 feet... only to hear Number 16 cruise by...

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