Digital Spaces Accessibility

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Accessibility should be a top priority for your business, no matter the business you’re in.

With more essential services online than ever – from government agencies to streaming video, and from banking to ordering food – millions of people with blindness, low vision or deafblindness are online, too. But they can’t take advantage of services or products they can’t access.

Whether you’re a university, government agency, retail outlet or corporation, the accessibility and usability of your online presence is critical. A site that works for everyone allows you to reach more customers, clients and constituents, and to communicate with them more effectively. It enables your employees to work efficiently and productively.  

Why should you partner today with Perkins Access?

It’s the law.

Equal access online is required by governments worldwide. New recommendations and updates to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are in the works, but numerous lawsuits resulting in costly settlement agreements have already been brought against organizations including H&R Block, Target, eBay and several colleges and universities – all because of a lack of web accessibility.

You’ll rise above the competition.

Being accessible sends a message to your existing and potential customers and clients, as well as your competition, that inclusivity is a priority for your organization. And with a limited number of accessible websites currently online, it’s one more reason your audience will seek you out – and spread the word.

Accessibility optimizes the experience of all users – including those without a disability.

Accessible design goes hand-in-hand with clear web navigation and a positive user experience. Closed captioning for videos, for example, gives users with hearing the option of turning off the sound in a quiet public place. And don’t forget, people who may not identify themselves as having a disability – such as a senior citizen who lost vision or hearing late in life – will benefit from your accessible site just as much as a person who is legally blind or deaf.

So how can Perkins Access work for me?

Our team of experts uses a three-pronged approach: assess, remediate and sustain. First, we’ll review your site to identify problematic accessibility issues. Then we’ll implement remediation services to correct those problems, and we can also train your employees and monitor your site for a long-term solution that fosters self-sufficiency and sustainability. Learn more about our services, our testing methods  or contact us today for answers to your questions.

Upcoming Perkins Access Workshops

Achieving Web Accessibility: Make sure your online presence works — for everyone

June 14 9:00AM | Grousbeck Center Whether you're thinking about web accessibility for the first time or you’re grappling with the time and resources it would take to improve your site, this workshop is for you.