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How does the world see you online? Set your organization apart as a leader in accessibility today by ensuring everyone can use your websites, apps and services. We’ll show you how.

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How much do you know about web accessibility? Take our 10 question quiz and find out.

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"The Perkins Solutions team has helped us understand the challenges facing a wide range of users and translated that into very workable recommendations."

-Chief Accessibility Officer

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"Perkins Solutions' suggestions allowed us to make sure the educational app was useful for all people."

-Deputy Director

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“The Perkins Solutions final report and follow-up not only gave us practical advice on how to improve the site that was tested, but also lessons we can take forward into future projects."

-Technical Director of Marketing Communications

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How accessible is your website? Download these five tips for free to start improving your site’s accessibility and create a better online experience for everyone.

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According to the CDC, nearly one in five individuals have one or more disabilities. Make a positive difference by ensuring better access »


The Federal standards for accessible information and technology are changing. Are you in compliance with the new standards? »


2015 was the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. See what experts had to say about this revolutionary piece of legislation »