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A woman stands by a bus, listening to the BlindWays app on her phone.

Innovative tools that have transformed literacy education in classrooms at Perkins and around the world.

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Are your digital and physical spaces in compliance with applicable laws? Perkins can help.

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Literacy products and accessibility solutions for home, work and school.

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A woman holding an iPhone standing behind a podium addressing an audience
January 13

Mass Innovation Night’s crowd honors Perkins’ smartphone app that helps people who are blind locate bus stops.

A headshot of Arnie Harris
November 11

Arnie Harris has taught music at Perkins for more than 30 years.

Antoine Laham works with Amanda, who is smiling and holding his hands as he gestures.
November 7

Employees who are visually impaired are an essential part of Perkins’ diverse and productive workforce.

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