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Skilled but unsure where to start? Browse tips on choosing your career path, writing your resume and bringing your best self to the interview.

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Achieving an accessible workplace is easier than you think – and beneficial for everyone involved.

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Did you know...

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Less than half of Americans with a visual impairment participate in the workforce

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Of those who do, the unemployment rate is twice the rate of those without a disability

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Most of these job seekers don't make it to the interview stage, despite their education & skills

Perkins Business Partnership
posed picture with blind young adult employees and their employers

Perkins and the region’s best-known businesses and nonprofits are working together to break down employment barriers for individuals with blindness and visual impairment.

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Pre-Employment Program
a young adult who is blind at a job fair talking with a potential employer

An interactive course that teaches young adults workplace skills and career confidence.

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A student speaks with an employer at the Work Experience Open House
January 30

Students who are blind practice essential job-search skills at Perkins’ Work Experience Open House.

Four people talking on a subway, one of them carrying a white cane.
November 10

Two new e-books from Perkins explain how sighted people can work and socialize with people who are visually impaired.

A young man who is blind, wearing a suit and tie, sits at a table for a job interview.
November 4

Perkins teams up with Harvard Extension School to launch online course promoting more inclusive hiring policies.